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All kinds of Lighthouse Vacations

Lighthouse Vacation – a Perfect Gateway to Spend Some Quality Time amid Nature’s Glory

Lighthouses have been the watchtowers of safety since centuries, overlooking the sea, warning mariners and guiding them safely to the harbor. With the advent of smart technology, most of the lighthouses have been fully automated, but they still stand tall and proud along the shores as notions of their glorious past and the service they have rendered over centuries of their existence. Today, these magnificent architectural edifices provide relaxing gateways for tourists and vacation seekers longing to have a soothing escape amidst all-encompassing and scenic environment.

Lighthouse Hotels & Accommodations

There are moments when you want to get away from the busy schedule of your everyday life and delve into something peaceful and romantic. A lighthouse stay will surely give you ample opportunities to relax away your time in true luxury with mesmerizing views all around. Many of the lighthouses have been renovated and refurbished into hotels offering accommodations and tour packages to the general public. Feel the aura of natural elements reviving your life during your stay at a lighthouse. Take for example, looking far and wide into the vast stretch of ocean or sitting at the end of the shore watching the rhythm of the waves. Other enchantments that you can have are watching the local wildlife of the area, hiking trips and water activities.

Lighthouse rentals

Lighthouse rentals offer all the amenities that you want for having a pleasant stay. You can expect top class bed and breakfast services, amazing interiors and stunning outdoor views during your stay. Many lighthouses try to retain some of their original nautical features, so as to provide you a feel that is different from your usual hotel bookings. You may get an opportunity to have a close glimpse of the life of a lighthouse keeper and the stories associated with the lighthouse’s past.

Lighthouse vacations – A glimpse of the past with present day comfort

Many lighthouses have their own collection of arts and artifacts, while some are also accompanied by museums to let their guests understand about the glorious past and working procedure of a lighthouse. All this will provide an extra bit of enjoyment spurring up your excitement and zeal for a pleasurable stay.

Lighthouse Resorts – Romantic days in romantic environs

There is a long list of lighthouses that offer safe and relaxing haven for young couples and act as exceptionally romantic honeymoon destinations. You can plan a weekend, week or more for a dreamy holiday in intoxicating surroundings. You can just relax away your time with your soul partner spending some of the most memorable days of your life or indulge in fun filled activities such as fishing, boating, water skiing, water rafting etc.

Lighthouse Suites

Feel the luxury during your lighthouse stay in one of the lighthouse suites. Get pampered with top notch services and spectacular views all around. There is nothing more special than having a suite with incredible views of the ocean through the windows. Feel the intoxicating effect of the ocean air with a charm of olden days mingling with modern day amenities. A lighthouse stay is a bit different from your hotel and resort stays, but it certainly will impress you with its own charisma and appeal.

Lighthouse stays – Where past meets present

Staying at a lighthouse is a way to connect with the glorious past and admire the features that have witnessed several centuries. Staying at a remote place away from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan has a charm of its own. The romance of solitude and the romance of the sweeping waves will surely take away your heart. It’s no wonder why more and more people look for having a stay at a lighthouse to revive the romance in their life. Lighthouse vacations are increasingly being sought by newly-wed couples as ideal honeymoon destinations.

Sleep in a lighthouse, feel the comfort and luxury in an architectural background

Imagine staying at one of the authentic rooms of a lighthouse keeper and waking up for a multi course breakfast. It’s a vacation that lets you enjoy your life to the full extent amid lavish surroundings, fine dining and some amazing beach experience. It offers everything for a pleasurable stay; take it stunning ocean views, gripping sun-set views, captivating environs and nature walks. Many of the lighthouses also offer facilities such as ferry rides and other fun filled water activities.

Book a lighthouse for an amazing holiday

Several lighthouses are available on rent and located at a small distance from a nearby city center or human settlement. The sun, the sand, the sea and the beautiful spiraling structure of the lighthouse, all these will create such a wonderful view that you will be engrossed with wonderment and pleasantness of life. If you are looking for a romantic holiday that has an additional charm and appeal book a lighthouse stay now, so why not rent a lighthouse! There is so much to feel and realize that you would like to cherish it for years to come.